June 13, 2020

Worcester, MA

Reading Play

Action Word Charades

Start a game of Action Word Charades! Review the definition of a verb and have everyone brainstorm fun action words like wiggle, bounce, slither, hop, tiptoe, spin and march. Write them on slips of paper and put them in a hat. Divide the group in two teams. Someone from the first team picks a card, shows it to their team, and passes it to ONE kid on the other team who will silently act it out for the rest of their team. Can they guess? When the round is done, repeat with Team 2. Play this outside in the nice weather! 

Alphabet Tag

Play Alphabet Tag! With a group of 3 or more kids, choose one to be "it." Like regular tag, "it" tries to tag the other players. If a child is about to be tagged, they can avoid it by shouting out a safe word. The first safe word is any word that starts with the letter A, the next with B and it continues on through the alphabet. If a child can't think of a word before they get tagged, or if they say a word that starts with the wrong letter, they become the next "it." To mix it up, pick one letter to use through the whole game that every safe letter must start with, no repeats allowed! Make it even harder by using categories or by having kids use the last letter of the previous word used to start the next word! 

Create Your Own Reading Log

Help encourage your little reader by creating a reading log inspired by something they love! Make a chart that includes categories like how long they read for that day or how many books they read. You can set a goal for the day like today, read three books. Once they meet the goal, reward them with a sticker or let them color in a star next to the day of the week. You have total control over how creative you want to be with this or what kind of goals you want to set. Once you have written down goals, let your child decorate the reading log! 

Letter Run and Grab

Clear some space on your and walls and place letters on one side of the room. Write the letters on paper or notecards and spread the out along one wall. Once everything is set up get ready for some fun! You are in charge of giving the commands for which letter to go and get. You can do this two ways, call out the letter for your child to go and find or give the sound of the letter that they have to find. Once they find the letter have them run it across the room and put it on the other wall.

Sight Word Snowball Fight

Make learning sight words even more fun by turning it into an indoor snowball fight! Write spelling or sight words onto different pieces of scrap paper. Scrunch them up into snowballs and then have a snowball fight! Throw the snowballs at each other and when you get hit, open up the snowball and read the word. After you read the word, continue the snowball fight! 

Word Dash

Play Word Dash! Write letters or words that your child is familiar with on pieces of colored paper. Place them in different spots in your back yard. When you call a word or letter, each child must go off in search of the right word, and return to the starting point with the correct paper. When all the papers have been found, the child with the most words wins! Have some options or continue playing with the same words! 

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