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Construction Play

Hi everyone my name is Terry and I am a Triceratops! Fun Fact: I am named after the three horns on my face.

What do children learn from Construction Play?

Construction play requires dexterity and promotes strength in children’s fingers and hands, improving hand-eye coordination. 

Children’s vocabulary increases as they describe sizes, shapes and colors. Math skills are enhanced when sorting objects by shape and color. 

Block play encourages children to create their own designs, stimulating imaginations and brain power.

Construction Vehicles Show

In this video, our roadheader, wrecking ball truck, excavator, bulldozer, wheel loader, and dump truck will put on an exhibition show for us. Each truck will perform their task on the field one by one. Watch how these amazing construction vehicles perform and learn how they help us in our work.

I want to be a Construction Worker!

This is Samantha and she wants to be a Construction Worker, can you imagine that? If she was builder she would wear all the stuff that keeps her safe on site. She would put up buildings and houses all over the city! We think Samantha would be a great construction worker

Using Blocks Builds Skills and Imagination

In a video taken at the YWCA - Central Massachusetts, children in the early childhood center, illustrate how block building skills change as they grow! Why Building with Blocks is Important: 1. Fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, 2. Spatial skills, 3. Social skills, 4. Language skills, 5. Math skills, and 6. Innovative, creative and divergent thinking!

Popsicle Stick Bridge

In this video learn how to construct a bridge using popsicle sticks and glue. When finished use the bridge for all sorts of fun like driving toy cars on it or making it part of a story!

Police Vehicles

Just doing their job on the streets day and night. Police trucks and cruisers and fast motor bikes. Sounding their sirens and flashing their lights. Just doing their job, yeah, they’re doing it right! Kids LOVE these songs about trucks and work vehicles! Sing along as you watch these Police Vehicles in action.


"Can you tell me where the fire is - we will put it out!" Kids LOVE these songs about trucks and work vehicles! Sing along as you watch these Fire Trucks, Engines and Ladders in action.

Construction Vehicles for Kids with Blippi | The Excavator Song

This is the Excavator Song by Blippi. If your child loves construction vehicles and Blippi, and wants to sing and dance to The Excavator Song, this is it!

Construction Sensory Bin

In this video learn how to make your very own construction themed sensory bin! This provides a great way for kids to have a mini construction site of their own as well develop their fine motor skills.

Build a Fort

In this video learn to think like an engineer to build a fort in your home using common household objects such as blankets, cushions, chairs, or pillows. No two forts are the same, so get creative in how you make your fort! When you are done, you'll have a super secret hide-out, castle or playhouse of your own!

Build a Rocket Ship

In this video learn how to build a rocket ship using toilet paper rolls and construction paper. Ask an adult to help with cutting out and gluing the parts together and chose your favorite colors to make your rocket ship unique. When you're done, let your imagination soar to great heights with your rocket ship!

Cardboard Parking Garage

In this video learn how to construct your very own parking garage made from materials you have at home like cardboard and toilet paper rolls. When you're all done, have fun parking and driving cars in the garage!
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