Saturday, September 14th, 2024
Worcester, MA

Creative Arts Play

What do children learn from creative arts play? 

Children of all ages delight in expressing their ideas through sounds, textures, colors, and shapes. Creativity in children can be developed by engaging them in activities that enable them to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings. 

The creative arts– painting, sculpture and drawing–are a crucial part of childhood. Not only do the arts allow children to express themselves, but creative activity can enhance development of children’s skills in literacy, science, math, social studies, and more.

Ball Painting

Roll your way to art! Children will create their own artwork using different size and shaped balls. Creativity, exploration, self-expression, color mixing, tracking and recognition of patterns (an early math skill) will be enhanced through play! Brought to you by Quinsigamond Community College Early Childhood Education Department.

Decorate Your Own Canvas

Channel your inner artist! Children can creatively choose and mix colors and materials. Create a unique masterpiece! Learn about Tufts Health Plan options for all ages and incomes and get your questions answered.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Dress up and take the stage! Come explore the dramatic play area. Find a costume or a prop and bring your imagination to life!

Origami Airplanes

With a few folds here and a few folds there, you can create your own origami airplane. Come explore this beautiful art form. Brought to you by the Worcester Center for Crafts.

Print Making Magic

Enjoy coloring and printmaking for all ages! Brought to you by Creative Hub Worcester.

Watercolor Art

Join the Worcester Art Museum crew and create a watercolor activity that features our mascot dog, Helmutt. Learn more about our programs and summer exhibition, "Watercolors Unboxed".

Wood Coloring With Bubbles

Show your artistic skills with the Worcester Family Resource Center as we color and blow bubbles. All supplies will be provided, and all kiddos will be able to keep their masterpieces. FRC staff will be available to connect families to available community resources.
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