Saturday, September 14th, 2024
Worcester, MA

Creative Arts Play

What do children learn from creative arts play? 

Children of all ages delight in expressing their ideas through sounds, textures, colors, and shapes. Creativity in children can be developed by engaging them in activities that enable them to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings. 

The creative arts– painting, sculpture and drawing–are a crucial part of childhood. Not only do the arts allow children to express themselves, but creative activity can enhance development of children’s skills in literacy, science, math, social studies, and more.

Kid Friendly Plein Air Painting

The plein air style of painting is an outdoor art that uses your surrounding nature. Using easels, canvas, brushes and paint, your child can capture the magic of Elm Park around them.

Music Safari: Explore and Play Instruments

Has your child ever wanted to play an instrument? Come visit Pakachoag's "Music Safari" booth to discover and play different instruments - karaoke included!

Self Portrait Puppets

Children at this age are developing self-image. This activity will promote a positive self-image as children create a puppet that will look like them. They can then use their homemade puppet to play in the puppet theater!

Wood Coloring

Show your artistic skills with the Worcester Family Resource Center's wood caricature coloring. All supplies will be provided, and kids will be able to keep their masterpieces. FRC staff will be available to connect families to available community resources.
11:00am - 3:00pm

Drum Circles

Tony Wilson, a Head Start Music teacher organizes engaging hands-on drum circles suitable for all age groups. Come check out the percussion tutorials and drum circles Tony has to offer.
11:00am - 4:00pm

Explore African Arts and Culture

Crocodile River Music brings art, music and movement to the Day of Play to let children and families explore the art of Africa. They will bring their own musical instruments that kids can explore.
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