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Creative Arts Play

Hi everyone my name is Esmeralda and I am a Euoplocephalus! Fun Fact: I can swing my tail like a hammer to defend myself in danger. 

What do children learn from creative arts play? 

Children of all ages delight in expressing their ideas through sounds, textures, colors, and shapes. Creativity in children can be developed by engaging them in activities that enable them to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings. 

The creative arts– painting, sculpture and drawing–are a crucial part of childhood. Not only do the arts allow children to express themselves, but creative activity can enhance development of children’s skills in literacy, science, math, social studies, and more.

Nature Matching Game

Combine a nature scavenger hunt to find all of the supplies, and then create this fun craft activity!

Turning flip-flops into art

Did you know that 90 tonnes of flip-flops are thrown away each year? Most end up on beaches or in the oceans where they pollute environments and threaten marine life. Follow along with this BBC video to learn how Ocean Sole turns washed up flip-flops into colorful sculptures in Kenya!

Learn how to make a piñata / Aprende cómo hacer una piñata

Whether it be for a birthday party or a day of crafts, this activity is fun for any occasion. Learn how to make your very own piñata to fill with any sweets and treats you like!

Wheels On The Bus

Sing along to this favorite children's song! Lyrics The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round 'Round and 'round, 'round and 'round The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round All day long The horn on the bus goes beep-beep-beep Beep-beep-beep, beep-beep-beep The horn on the bus goes beep-beep-beep All day long The wipers on the bus go...

Paper Cup and Plate Construction Set

Here's a simple idea for an DIY paper cup and plate construction kit. It’s so versatile and kids will love using it to build towers, castles, cities and whatever else their imaginations can come up with. Kids have the BEST ideas, don’t you think? I once put together a special craft box for my girls. We called it the no...

Drip Sand Sculptures

If you have some sand lying around or are planning on taking a trip to the beach, you MUST try making these cool drip sand castle sand sculptures! Materials Needed to Make Drip Sand Castle Sand Sculptures Sand – Don’t worry if you don’t live near the beach, you can buy some sand at a hardware store. Water Container to...

Best Preschool Music

You are cooped up indoors and need to get those kids moving. You might not even have a lot of space. This is when you turn on some music and get those wiggles out.

Paint with Frozen Paint Cubes

Easy DIY Frozen Paint Instead of just coloring ice cubes, we froze entire cubes of paint. I used Crayola washable paints it’s our fave. Then I added just a dash of water to top it off. I stuck with our favorite combination of colors: blue and yellow. When I topped off the paint with water, the colors kind of combined...

Bubble Painting

When we made this art project for the first time, I thought it would be a great for the little guy to use a straw to make bubbles in small bowls and then we could press the paper on top. But straws to him meant taking a drink of something, and let’s just say it did not end well. So...

Creative Drawing Crafts

UNUSUAL DRAWING IDEAS Drawing and painting are for everyone! It's very easy to learn how to draw mesmerizing pictures and surprise all your friends with your talent. Drawing is very beneficial – it helps to calm down and concentrate, and it also works well for developing fine motor skills. You can develop many skills by drawing – for example, check...

Make Your Own Summer Cards!

Grab some paper, scissors, and markers for this summer craft! Make your own cards to decorate and write a message in to give to family, friends, teachers, and others.

Miniature Stage Play

Tell a story with this traveling theatrical stage! Set the scene wherever your imagination takes you with this at-home craft of creativity.

Balloon Splatter Painting

Splatter painting is one of the coolest ways to paint and we found using balloons filled with liquid water colors and a couple small holes is a perfect way to splatter paint! Here’s how to do it: MATERIALS NEEDED FOR BALLOON SPLATTER PAINTING: Balloons (we used standard latex balloons, not water balloons) Washable liquid water colors or food coloring Water...

Spring is Here - Song for Children

Popular children's dance song about spring, "Spring is Here" with lyrics. From the CD, "Seasonal Songs in Motion" by the Kidboomers!

Mixed Age Move & Groove with Ms. Kayla

Apple Tree Arts’ mission is to enrich our communities through the arts, by providing high-quality performing arts education and experiences for all ages, identities, and abilities. They offer programming for young children through Musikgarten which offers instruction that is just right for each age level—from your baby who benefits greatly from being part of a live music environment, right up...

Make Your Own Envelope

In this video, learn how to make your own envelope. This activity is a great way to add a creative element to sending letters and stay connected to loved ones at this time.

Making Hats from Coffee Filters

This video was filmed at the YWCA -Central Massachusetts Child Care Center. The children use a giant coffee filter, toy dinosaurs, paint, stamps and markers to decorate the coffee filters which then can become hats! After the filter dries fit the "hats" to your child's head by securing the brim using tape or duct tape. (See attached picture). If you...

Main Idea Art Activity - 7-10yrs

Watch as Worcester's own Main Idea presents an art tutorial video on how to do pen and ink shading. The worksheet is available below.

Jumpstart's Literacy Champion Brynn Elliot Sing Along

Jumpstart provides language, literacy, and social-emotional programming for preschool children from under-resourced communities and promotes quality early learning for all. Join Jumpstart Literacy Champion and singer-songwriter, Brynn Elliot, in 3 sing along videos. Down by the Bay Five Little Ducks You Are My Sunshine Lyrics are attached! Print them off and sing along with Brynn!

Easy Magic Tricks for Kids

Magic tricks for kids can be a ton of fun and are a great way for parents and caregivers to keep the family entertained. After all, who doesn't love a bit of magic and delight? Magic tricks are fun, sure, but there's even more to it: Magic is good for kids, asserts Nicholas "Magical Nick" Pugh, a Pennsylvania-based magician. "Learning...

Kids Art Lesson: Kandinsky Inspired Concentric Circles Collage

For this week’s art lesson, we studied Russian-born French Expressionist painter Wassily Kandinsky. Though many of Kandinsky’s works look more like the ones shown above, one of his most recognizable pieces of artwork is his color study Farbstudie Quadrate (also known as Squares with Concentric Circles/Rings). All that you need for this activity is a bunch of heavyweight construction paper...

Creative Hub Learn To Draw Video

Let's Draw! Episode 1 with Creative Hub Worcester This is a beginners drawing tutorial for any age! All you need is a pencil, paper, and your imagination! Let's get started!

Crocodile River Music - Gallery of African Art

Zach Combs, Director of Crocodile River Music, fell in love with the rich and diverse culture of West Africa while in Mali on a Watson Fellowship. Deeply inspired by his journey, Zach founded Crocodile River Music in 2011 in an effort to provide opportunities for both emerging and established artists from Africa and evoke new ways of cultural thinking in...

Dinosaur Puppet

You can make your own Dinosaur Puppet using the template (attached) and a wooden clip clothespin!

Draw a Story with Ms. Iris

In this video listen to Ms. Iris tell the story of " Barnard, The Daredevil Bee". While listening to Ms. Iris, learn to draw a character from the story you are hearing. This video was provided by the Worcester Public Library.

Worcester Art Museum Live Programming

We are pleased to partner with the the Worcester Art Museum as they provide programming on their own social media accounts and Facebook. You can login and view their live performances and activities on the following days and times: Saturday, September 12th @ 12 pm WAM Video on Making a Kite. Wednesday, September 16th @ 12 pm Art...
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