Saturday, September 14th, 2024
Worcester, MA

Science Technology Engineering & Math Play

What do children learn from STEM play?

STEM education allows children to develop their communication and problem-solving skills, especially when they are actively encouraged to talk and write about their ideas and observations. This kind of rich educational environment also enables young children to develop concepts through investigative and explorative means.

Animal Tracks

Time to be a detective! Find out who was here. Identify tracks of local wildlife. Join Mass Audubon Broad Meadow Staff in exploring tracks made by local wildlife.

Big Bubbles and Foam Columns

Wow, can you make enormous bubbles? Create, manipulate, and pop super big bubbles. Then you can experiment with foam, making tall, taller, and tallest columns.

Math Play

Children are born mathematicians! Explore fun family math games that will help to inspire your children's natural curiosity about math. Designed by early childhood educators and parents, these games are fun, easy to learn, and freely available. Visit our website at and stop by our booth to play! Brought to you by Young Mathematicians in Worcester.

Pretty Terrific Pollinators

Explore Pollination with New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill. Learn about flowers and their pollinators as you participate in hands-on science and art-making activities.

Robots and Mazes

Families come join the Worcester Child Development Head Start Program in exploring the exciting world of robots and coding. Interact with robots and try out simple coding. You can also try out how it feels to travel through your own maze following coding that is set up just for you!
11:00am - 2:00pm

Get Up Close with the Creepy, the Crawly and the Cute!

Meet the creepy, the crawly, and the cute! Leo Spinner from Skins & Scales, Live Animal Presentation will introduce you to snakes, frogs, lizards, spiders, and tortoises big enough to ride! Experience hands-on learning about these creatures from all around the world!
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