Saturday, September 14th, 2024
Worcester, MA

Active Physical Play

What do children learn through Active Physical Play? 

Active physical play allows children to use their energy, gives children the chance to develop gross and fine motor skills, to learn new things, and to socialize. 

Physical play also benefits a child’s health and helps prevent childhood obesity. 

Physical play helps a child to develop connections between the nerve cells and the brain. The ideal physical play incorporates play with social interactions and problem solving.

Bubble World

Make them, hold them, bounce them, and pop them. Let's have some fun with the different ways to play with bubbles. Brought to you by Together for Kids Coalition.

Cornhole Toss

Grab a friend and play some cornhole. How many bags can you toss into the hole?

Imagination Playground

Using Imagination Playground blocks, kids build a new world every day. They make objects like animals, rocket ships, and robots. They make imaginary places like houses, factories, and cities. They make new dramatic scenarios, settings, and games to play. Most important, they make the rules. Because Imagination Playground is child-directed and open-ended, it encourages self-expression through deep, joyful play. Equipment...

Obstacle Course

Crawl, climb, hop and jump your way through our amazing obstacle course!

Parachute Fun!

For the little ones, come join in some parachute games. Can you shake the parachute to make the ball roll all around? Can you help it pop up in the air?

Rockets Aways!

Make and launch your own air rocket. How high... how far... can your rocket go? Experiment with different designs and the sky is the limit.

Scavenger Hunt & Lawn Games

Join in a nature and park scavenger hunt! Prizes will be given as you complete the hunt. Join in some preschool fun lawn games too! Brought to you by Child Care Resources.

Soccer Clinic

Do you play socccer? Do you want to learn? Join the fun. Learn how to dribble, control, and kick the ball. Maybe you can score a goal!
11:30am - 11:50am
12:15pm - 12:35pm
1:00pm - 1:20pm

Dance Fit 4 U

Come join the dancing fun! Dance exercise for ages 3-8 years. Shake your bootie and sing along if you know the song.
11:45am - 12:45pm

Meet Jake the Lion from the Worcester Bravehearts!

Come by the Active Play Area to shake Jake's paw and snap a photo.
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