September 12 -19, 2020

Active Play

Catch with a Catch

Play a game of catch, but with a catch. Have each player toss a ball, bean bag or crumpled up newspaper into the air and try to catch it, But, before you catch it you have to do an action like touch your nose and high-five another player. You can start out simple with touch your nose or clap your hands and gradually make it harder like do a jumping jack. Try and do an action all before the ball hits the ground or you catch it! 

Freezing Water Tag

Play Freezing Water Tag! In this icy take on traditional tag, each player is given a spray bottle filled with ice water, and hand tagging is replaced with a cool squirt. When a player is misted, he must freeze, but he can squirt others still in play. The last player to remain unfrozen wins! 

Humpty Dumpty Spoon Races

Have Humpty Dumpty Spoon Races! Give each player a spoon and place a plastic egg filled with water (or a small water balloon) on them and see who can make it to the finish without dumping Humpty. Players can hold the spoons in their hand or make it harder and have players hold the spoon in their mouth. The first player to reach the finish line without dropping their egg wins! 

Indoor Obstacle Course

Go over, under, around and through the house with this fun indoor obstacle course! Use the furniture in your house as a way to create a fun activity. For example, you can have them climb through the legs of a dining room chair, underneath the table and then over the arm of the sofa. You can move some furniture to make a path for them to go through or you can simply yell out some commands and have them play! 

Snow Construction Site

Make shoveling the driveway or sidewalk so much more fun by having your child help you! While you all are doing this, let them turn the area into their own maze. Help the make pathways to move around in the snow. Bring some toy cars or simply pretend to be their own car. You can take all the snow that you have shoveled away and make a snow castle or snowballs! 

Water Limbo

Cool off with Water Limbo! To play this you'll need a hose with a nozzle that allows for a straight, steady stream of water. Use the stream of water as the limbo stick that kids have to move their bodies under without getting soaked. The stream will be lowered when every kid makes it under the previous stream. You cannot crawl under the stream; you have to walk, arching your back as you go! If the ground is too slippery, let them hunch forward instead of arching back, we don't want anyone to get hurt! 

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