September 12 -19, 2020

Music & Dance Play

Animal Musical Chairs

Play Animal Musical Chairs! Round up enough chairs for every player you have, minus one, and arrange them in a circle. Play the first round the traditional way. When the music stops, there will be one kid left standing. They are "it". Ask that player what their favorite animal is, what kind of sound it makes, and how it moves. The remaining players now must rotate around the circle imitating the animal "it" has chosen. Remove one chair from the circle after each round so there is always an "it" to choose the next animal. The last kid standing wins! 

Rock 'n Roll Instruments

Make Rock 'n Roll Instruments! Start by collecting rocks of all shapes and sizes. Then assemble! For the Rock Drum place 5 or 6 rocks of various sizes in a coffee can, sealing the top with tape. For the Rock Tambourine place 6 or 7 small rocks between 2 paper plates, tops facing inward. Then, staple or glue the plates together. For the Rock Shaker place 10 mini rocks inside a small plastic container and secure the lid. For the Rock 'n Roller place 4 small rocks in an empty mailing cylinder or paper towel roll and seal the openings. Now you're ready to start a Rock 'n Roll band! 

Snowflake Movement Game

Move around like a snowflake! All you need for this activity is some music and a little cloth or something your child can dance with. Give your child the cloth and turn on some music. Try something from Frozen to keep with the theme! Let your child move around the floor acting like a falling snowflake. The cloth is an accessory to this activity. There are big snowflakes and there are light, feathery snowflakes. What kind of snowflake are you? 

Snowflake Song

Since snow is all around, sing a song about it! This song is to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star. Feel free to add some movements to the song and move around like falling snowflakes!

Snowflake, snowflake dance around

Snowflake, snowflake touch the ground

Snowflake, snowflake landing on my noes

Snowflake, snowflake landing on my toes

Snowflake, snowflake dance around

Snowflake, snowflake touch the ground

Soda Bottle Music Scales

Practice your Soda Bottle Music Scales! Make a tone by blowing into the top of a glass bottle. When you have it mastered, fill the bottles with different levels of water. Test the bottles to see if you like the sounds, if not change the amount of water. Arrange the bottles from left to right, low notes to high notes. Now practice playing scales and easy songs! 

Water Bottle Shakers

This is a fun, musical craft! Find a few empty water bottles and grab some paint. Let your child paint the bottles and add a few decorations to the bottles (scraps of paper, pictures from magazines, etc. Fill the water bottle with pasta, rice, beans or beads. Turn on some music and shake along! 

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