Saturday, June 17th, 2023
Worcester, MA

Monster Footprint Hop

With Halloween just around the corner I thought the kids would enjoy this Monster Footprint Hop and boy was I right! They went back through it over and over at least 10 times each! Such a perfect gross motor activity during Halloween season or anytime of year really! Perfect for a monster-themed party or event too! And the best part is that it only took 10 minutes to set up!


* Construction paper in various colors

* Masking Tape

* Pencil

* Scissors


1. Start by collecting various colors of construction paper. Be sure to get even numbers of each color so you have 2 footprint sets.

2. Then trace the outline of a monster print (basically a large oval on the bottom and then four pointed claws on top) on one of the sheets. I am not an artist at all and was easily able to sketch this out.

3. Cut out the monster print.

4. Hold this print over about 6 sheets of construction paper and cut more matching prints out. Repeat until you have all your prints cut out. For kids working on their scissor skills you could trace the monster print on all the pieces of construction paper and have the kids cut out the prints.

5. Take a small piece of masking tap and apply it to the bottom of each footprint.

6. Place each print on the ground with a matching print.

7. Be sure to turn sets of prints different directions to make the course more challenging.


* For preschool kids, have them work on color recognition by shouting out the colors they are jumping on as they move through the course.

* For elementary kids have them count by twos when they are jumping through the course.

Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 21, 2021