June 13, 2020

Worcester, MA

Play at Home

Most Recent Activities

Active Play

Indoor Obstacle Course

Go over, under, around and through the house with this fun indoor obstacle course! Use the furniture in your house as a way to create a fun activity. For example, you can have them climb through the legs of a dining room chair, underneath the table and then over the arm of the sofa. You can move...

Construction Play

Cereal Box Puzzles

Here is a fun, environmentally friendly way to build your own puzzles! Start by cutting the cereal box apart, but make sure to keep the front of the box intact. Next have your child draw a picture on the brown side of the cereal box. Then cut the box into puzzle pieces and have your child put the...

Creative Arts Play

Paper Plate Sun

Make a Paper Plate Sun! Put a nickel on the table, give your child a piece of yellow construction paper, and show them how to tear the paper into small pieces, to match the size of the nickel. After they have torn several pieces of paper, have them glue the pieces to the paper plate to cover the...

Music & Dance Play

Rock 'n Roll Instruments

Make Rock 'n Roll Instruments! Start by collecting rocks of all shapes and sizes. Then assemble! For the Rock Drum place 5 or 6 rocks of various sizes in a coffee can, sealing the top with tape. For the Rock Tambourine place 6 or 7 small rocks between 2 paper plates, tops facing inward. Then,...

Reading Play

Alphabet Tag

Play Alphabet Tag! With a group of 3 or more kids, choose one to be "it." Like regular tag, "it" tries to tag the other players. If a child is about to be tagged, they can avoid it by shouting out a safe word. The first safe word is any word that starts with the letter A, the next with B and it...


Sun Prints

Investigate how objects react to light with Sun Prints! Ask your child what they think will happen if they cover part of a piece of paper with an object, and leave it in the sun? Will it stay the same or change? Make guesses and jot them down. Look for objects of different shapes or cut templates...