Saturday, June 17th, 2023
Worcester, MA

Our New Normal: A Children’s Social Story for Post Pandemic Lives by Emilee Johnson

A brand-new resource for children, families, and those who work with them in service of support during children’s uncertainty and anxiety amidst the changing pandemic public health guidelines. It is a social story called Our New Normal written by Emilee Johnson, Educational Coordinator at the Boston Children’s Hospital Child Care Center. This social story can be used to support children's understanding of these changes, just like other books used in the classroom or at home.

This book benefits preschool aged children, but can also be helpful with two-year olds who may be confused about masking if they have begun to wear them recently. Some children can read ​this book independently, letting the pictures guide them. The illustrations are all contributed by preschoolers who asked the questions of their teachers that inspired the creation of the book. Teachers can use this book in large or small group circle times to open up conversations and allow space for discussion about emotions or for children to ask questions.

Parents and teachers can read one-on-one when a child is showing or expressing anxiety about any of these new experiences in their lives. It can be very versatile, and the hope is that it will lead to more discussions and eventually to children's understanding and comfort in this “new normal.”

Release Date: 
Thursday, July 22, 2021