Saturday, June 17th, 2023
Worcester, MA

Balloon Splatter Painting

Splatter painting is one of the coolest ways to paint and we found using balloons filled with liquid water colors and a couple small holes is a perfect way to splatter paint!  Here’s how to do it:


Balloons (we used standard latex balloons, not water balloons)

Washable liquid water colors or food coloring


Safety pin

Squeeze bottle

Paper roll


1. Start by adding liquid water color (or food coloring) to empty, deflated balloons. We added red coloring to a red balloon, yellow coloring to a yellow balloon just for ease of remembering what was in each balloon. We added about a teaspoon of coloring.

2. Then add about twice as much water as coloring into the balloon. We used a squeeze bottle to add the water. This about filled the balloon (without stretching it) for us. NOTE: We also tried a version where we added more water and it stretched the ballon a bit, but we found the color was too watered down and we didn’t need that much paint anyway. Keeping the balloons small is definitely the way to go! I also had a knot tying slip-up with the full, stretched balloon which led to getting me getting covered in orange paint! (Thankfully we used washable paint!)  It was MUCH easier to only fill the balloons with a little color and water and tying them without stretching the balloons!

3. Tie the balloon with the coloring and water in it. 

4. Next set up your canvas. We used rolls of white easel paper and layered two large pieces side by side, slightly overlapping. We secured the corners with rocks to keep everything in place. (This is definitely an outdoor messy activity!)

5. Finally, use a safety pin to add TWO small holes near the top of each balloon. (We tried doing just one hole, but found it didn’t work nearly as well as when two holes were added.)

6. Squeeze the balloons over the canvas and watch as the color comes streaming out to make beautiful splatter art!!

Release Date: 
Tuesday, April 20, 2021