June 9, 2018

Worcester, MA

Play at Home

Most Recent Activities

Active Play

Indoor Obstacle Course

Go over, under, around and through the house with this fun indoor obstacle course! Use the furniture in your house as a way to create a fun activity. For example, you can have them climb through the legs of a dining room chair, underneath the table and then over the arm of the sofa. You can move...

Construction Play

Indoor Catapult

What child doesn't want to launch a toy across the room? You will need 7 Popsicle sticks, three rubber bands, a milk or juice cap and a cotton ball or small toy to launch. Start by stacking five craft sticks together and hold them together with a rubber band at the end. Then stack 2 craft sticks...

Creative Arts Play

Toilet Paper Octopus

Make a Toilet Paper Octopus! Paint a toilet paper roll any color you want your octopus to be! When it is dry cut 8 strips halfway up the roll to make the tentacles! Wrap each strip around a marker to curl the legs. Paint or draw a face and add any other details. Don't forget to talk to your child...

Music & Dance Play

Soda Bottle Music Scales

Practice your Soda Bottle Music Scales! Make a tone by blowing into the top of a glass bottle. When you have it mastered, fill the bottles with different levels of water. Test the bottles to see if you like the sounds, if not change the amount of water. Arrange the bottles from left to right, low...

Reading Play

Alphabet Tag

Play Alphabet Tag! With a group of 3 or more kids, choose one to be "it." Like regular tag, "it" tries to tag the other players. If a child is about to be tagged, they can avoid it by shouting out a safe word. The first safe word is any word that starts with the letter A, the next with B and it...


Paper Plate Ring Toss

Play Paper Plate Ring Toss! Cut out the center of paper plates to make the rings, and decorate them. As they dry, fill plastic bottles with sand, water or pebbles to weigh them down. Then write one of the following sets of numbers on the bottles: 1, 2, 3 or 5, 10, 15 or 10, 50, 100 (smaller numbers...