June 10, 2017

Worcester, MA

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Active Play

Catch with a Catch

Play a game of catch, but with a catch. Have each player toss a ball, bean bag or crumpled up newspaper into the air and try to catch it, But, before you catch it you have to do an action like touch your nose and high-five another player. You can start out simple with touch your nose or clap your...

Construction Play

Egg-Carton School Bus

Make an Egg-Carton School Bus! Cut the lid off of an old egg carton and paint it yellow, this will be the school bus. While it dries, talk about the things you might find on the bus. Make a list and help draw and cut out the people and items from the list. Encourage your child to think of what...

Creative Arts Play

Homemade Puffy Paint

Make your own puffy paint! You will need one cup of flour, one cup of salt and half or three quarters of a cup of water. Mix the ingredients together, but make sure it isn't too watery or not too thick. Once you have mixed everything together separate it into different plastic bags. Add some food...

Music & Dance Play

Snowflake Movement Game

Move around like a snowflake! All you need for this activity is some music and a little cloth or something your child can dance with. Give your child the cloth and turn on some music. Try something from Frozen to keep with the theme! Let your child move around the floor acting like a falling...

Reading Play

Letter Run and Grab

Clear some space on your and walls and place letters on one side of the room. Write the letters on paper or notecards and spread the out along one wall. Once everything is set up get ready for some fun! You are in charge of giving the commands for which letter to go and get. You can do this two...


Paper Chain Calendar

Make a Paper Chain Calendar! Pick a date that is about a month away and has meaning for your child (like the first day of school). With a calendar, count the number of days until the event. Give your child construction paper strips and explain that each strip stands for one day. Count out the...