June 10, 2017

Worcester, MA

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Active Play

Humpty Dumpty Spoon Races

Have Humpty Dumpty Spoon Races! Give each player a spoon and place a plastic egg filled with water (or a small water balloon) on them and see who can make it to the finish without dumping Humpty. Players can hold the spoons in their hand or make it harder and have players hold the spoon in their...

Construction Play

Build with Ice Blocks

Build with Ice Blocks! Mix paint or food coloring with water and pour it into cardboard milk cartons, then put them in the freezer overnight to make colorful ice blocks. You can also make smaller blocks by freezing colored water in plastic food containers or ice cube trays. When they're ready show...

Creative Arts Play

Egg Carton Penguins

Invite some penguins into your house for the winter! Find an old egg carton, some sheets of construction paper, a sharpie and some markers or paint. Start by cutting out individual egg carton cups. Next bring out the markers or paint and let your child color their penguin. When they are done, add...

Music & Dance Play

Rock 'n Roll Instruments

Make Rock 'n Roll Instruments! Start by collecting rocks of all shapes and sizes. Then assemble! For the Rock Drum place 5 or 6 rocks of various sizes in a coffee can, sealing the top with tape. For the Rock Tambourine place 6 or 7 small rocks between 2 paper plates, tops facing inward. Then,...

Reading Play

Action Word Charades

Start a game of Action Word Charades! Review the definition of a verb and have everyone brainstorm fun action words like wiggle, bounce, slither, hop, tiptoe, spin and march. Write them on slips of paper and put them in a hat. Divide the group in two teams. Someone from the first team picks a card...



This simple card game is an awesome way to help with addition! The goal of this game is to get as close to or even with the number 21 without going over. Start by dealing two cards to each player. Have each player add up how many points they have between the two cards and then ask if they want...