June 9, 2018

Worcester, MA

Play at Home

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Active Play

Catch with a Catch

Play a game of catch, but with a catch. Have each player toss a ball, bean bag or crumpled up newspaper into the air and try to catch it, But, before you catch it you have to do an action like touch your nose and high-five another player. You can start out simple with touch your nose or clap your...

Construction Play

Make Sand

Make Sand! Mix 4 cups of sand and 2 cups of cornstarch in an old pot (it may scratch!) Pour 2 cups of water into the mixture and heat on the stove over low heat. Keep stirring until the sand is close to the consistency of very thick mud, then cool it in another bowl. When it has completely cooled...

Creative Arts Play

Egg Carton Penguins

Invite some penguins into your house for the winter! Find an old egg carton, some sheets of construction paper, a sharpie and some markers or paint. Start by cutting out individual egg carton cups. Next bring out the markers or paint and let your child color their penguin. When they are done, add...

Music & Dance Play

Water Bottle Shakers

This is a fun, musical craft! Find a few empty water bottles and grab some paint. Let your child paint the bottles and add a few decorations to the bottles (scraps of paper, pictures from magazines, etc. Fill the water bottle with pasta, rice, beans or beads. Turn on some music and shake along!

Reading Play

Word Dash

Play Word Dash! Write letters or words that your child is familiar with on pieces of colored paper. Place them in different spots in your back yard. When you call a word or letter, each child must go off in search of the right word, and return to the starting point with the correct paper. When all...


Paper Chain Calendar

Make a Paper Chain Calendar! Pick a date that is about a month away and has meaning for your child (like the first day of school). With a calendar, count the number of days until the event. Give your child construction paper strips and explain that each strip stands for one day. Count out the...