June 10, 2017

Worcester, MA

Play at Home

Most Recent Activities

Active Play

Indoor Obstacle Course

Go over, under, around and through the house with this fun indoor obstacle course! Use the furniture in your house as a way to create a fun activity. For example, you can have them climb through the legs of a dining room chair, underneath the table and then over the arm of the sofa. You can move...

Construction Play

Indoor Catapult

What child doesn't want to launch a toy across the room? You will need 7 Popsicle sticks, three rubber bands, a milk or juice cap and a cotton ball or small toy to launch. Start by stacking five craft sticks together and hold them together with a rubber band at the end. Then stack 2 craft sticks...

Creative Arts Play

Popsicle Stick Puzzle

Create your own Popsicle Stick Puzzle! Have your child count out seven craft sticks and arrange them next to each other to create a square, taping them together on one side. Invite your child to flip over the craft stick square and draw or paint an image of their choice. Remind them that they're...

Music & Dance Play

Animal Musical Chairs

Play Animal Musical Chairs! Round up enough chairs for every player you have, minus one, and arrange them in a circle. Play the first round the traditional way. When the music stops, there will be one kid left standing. They are "it". Ask that player what their favorite animal is, what kind of...

Reading Play

Letter Run and Grab

Clear some space on your and walls and place letters on one side of the room. Write the letters on paper or notecards and spread the out along one wall. Once everything is set up get ready for some fun! You are in charge of giving the commands for which letter to go and get. You can do this two...


Sun Prints

Investigate how objects react to light with Sun Prints! Ask your child what they think will happen if they cover part of a piece of paper with an object, and leave it in the sun? Will it stay the same or change? Make guesses and jot them down. Look for objects of different shapes or cut templates...