June 15, 2019

Worcester, MA

Play at Home

Most Recent Activities

Active Play

Snow Construction Site

Make shoveling the driveway or sidewalk so much more fun by having your child help you! While you all are doing this, let them turn the area into their own maze. Help the make pathways to move around in the snow. Bring some toy cars or simply pretend to be their own car. You can take all the snow...

Construction Play

Paper Plate Flower Garden

Bring some springtime flowers into the month of January! You will need paper plates, crayons or paint, a popsicle stick, scissors and glue or tape. Cut small slits into the edges of the plate to make petals. Next you can paint or color your flower and then glue or tape the popsicle stick or...

Creative Arts Play

Ice Ornaments

Embrace the snow and ice and use it to make some beautiful outdoor decorations! Go outside for a few minutes and collect things like holly, berries, pine needles or leaves. Fill a few paper plates with water and place the outdoor items in the water. Find a piece of string or ribbon and place part...

Music & Dance Play

Water Bottle Shakers

This is a fun, musical craft! Find a few empty water bottles and grab some paint. Let your child paint the bottles and add a few decorations to the bottles (scraps of paper, pictures from magazines, etc. Fill the water bottle with pasta, rice, beans or beads. Turn on some music and shake along!

Reading Play

Create Your Own Reading Log

Help encourage your little reader by creating a reading log inspired by something they love! Make a chart that includes categories like how long they read for that day or how many books they read. You can set a goal for the day like today, read three books. Once they meet the goal, reward them with...


Paper Chain Calendar

Make a Paper Chain Calendar! Pick a date that is about a month away and has meaning for your child (like the first day of school). With a calendar, count the number of days until the event. Give your child construction paper strips and explain that each strip stands for one day. Count out the...