June 15, 2019

Worcester, MA

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Active Play

Freezing Water Tag

Play Freezing Water Tag! In this icy take on traditional tag, each player is given a spray bottle filled with ice water, and hand tagging is replaced with a cool squirt. When a player is misted, he must freeze, but he can squirt others still in play. The last player to remain unfrozen wins!

Construction Play

Make Sand

Make Sand! Mix 4 cups of sand and 2 cups of cornstarch in an old pot (it may scratch!) Pour 2 cups of water into the mixture and heat on the stove over low heat. Keep stirring until the sand is close to the consistency of very thick mud, then cool it in another bowl. When it has completely cooled...

Creative Arts Play

Egg Carton Penguins

Invite some penguins into your house for the winter! Find an old egg carton, some sheets of construction paper, a sharpie and some markers or paint. Start by cutting out individual egg carton cups. Next bring out the markers or paint and let your child color their penguin. When they are done, add...

Music & Dance Play

Animal Musical Chairs

Play Animal Musical Chairs! Round up enough chairs for every player you have, minus one, and arrange them in a circle. Play the first round the traditional way. When the music stops, there will be one kid left standing. They are "it". Ask that player what their favorite animal is, what kind of...

Reading Play

Action Word Charades

Start a game of Action Word Charades! Review the definition of a verb and have everyone brainstorm fun action words like wiggle, bounce, slither, hop, tiptoe, spin and march. Write them on slips of paper and put them in a hat. Divide the group in two teams. Someone from the first team picks a card...


Melting Snow

Help mother natures get rid of some of that pesky snow! Go outside and collect a tub or bucket of snow and bring it back inside. Brainstorm with your children on how they think snow melts and then give it a try! Some ideas for this activity are if you use a hair dryer, what will happen? What will...